Monday, March 10, 2008


Tote bags! What really started out the crafting of stuff to sell at the just past bazaar. And it just so happens that this was the first bag that I sold. Very exciting stuff! Take a peek at the rest of the cuteness over here

Ipod , Passport covers, and coasters!

Fun ways to use up all the little scraps of fabric!

little Ipod cases. more to take a peek at here

Make your dull little passport cute! more over here

Coasters to bring a little color to your home. More this way


I've started making book covers and really like how they are turning out! The linen looks really nice when stretched around the book. I can't wait to try it out on some other things like photo albums.
The other couple that I have finished are here

Shopping Bags!

Lots of little birdy shopping bags all cute and colorful.

New Handbag Designs!

I have been working up a storm and here are just a few of the handbags that I have made.
You can see the rest here