Thursday, September 28, 2006

Felt Beads

FELT BEADS! so fun and so easy.... now i have a way to use up that big bag of roving.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Last night i tried my hand at making these paper stars. Next time i need to reinforce the paper a bit to make all the cutting and gluing a bit easier. However, all and all quite pleased with the results. A good way to use all the fancy paper here in Korea!

gus was in crazy mode last night

I don't know why, but Gus was going crazy last night. See the second picture. I hate it when he chews on the bars like that.. he looks mental. The first is a begging pose; he knows i will give him sunflower seeds.

Monday, September 25, 2006

ATC's and crazy korean tv

I spent way too much time last weekend watching tv and consequently not making much. Basically, i only get one full english language channel, the american armed forces channel. needless to say this results in some pretty bazaar propaganda. the height of weirdness occurred late on friday night when the reporter came on and said "congratulations you have made it to the weekend". this struck me as strange and maybe a bit insensitive when you are broadcasting to folks that are part of a group of people that run a higher risk of .. not making it to the weekend.

during the strange ads and shows about dead people i did mange to finish a few atc's and do some major cleaning.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

for a crafty chuseok

I am getting stuff together so I can be super crafty over chuseok, the Korean equivalent of thanksgiving. The the killer, super cute DIY sets i found at a local stationary store, and a few of the book insides that i have put together.. because the fun part is making the covers and i want to leave that for later.

they need to go in the MAIL

I have had these for weeks.. sitting on my table, and I have people to send them to.... it's the post office block i have going on. Monday i will MAIL.

from the weekend

I think i finished this little book last weekend.. and i need to get it in the mail. It is sometimes so hard to make it to the post office. The pages on the inside are all of the yellow paper that is on the spine.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My favorite from the past few weeks

I made this for an exchange on craftster and it was such a great project. My lovely exchange partner was cool with me just having fun, so that's what i did for about 2 weeks. It was great! Then i bound all the little bits together with some paper to write and sketch on. I was really happy with how the stitching turned out on the cover.

here are also some pictures from the inside. If you couldn't guess.. it was a bird theme

Books i have made for trades in the past few weeks


I did a set of these birds about a month ago and now i need to go back and make some good finished versions. They were made on some bad paper and i know they will NOT hold up in the long run.... on the project to do list. I do like them, this one is about the little bird being envious of the love birds.. i always feel that in the spring!
This is my fist POST on my brand new blog.. lets see how things go.